1 December 2015

dave canterbury

  • Staying Alive ALSS Course 2014

    by - Aug 19, 2014
                  Congrats to my Staying Alive: Modern Wilderness Survival Skills students! You all did very well, even during the monsoon storm!Leave a 5W game plan before you head into the...
  • Dual Survivals: Explaining the various forms of survival skills

    by - May 18, 2014
    The TV show Dual Survival is based upon modern outdoor survival skills as there is always self-rescue, (very rare) or a SAR component (Search and Rescue) in each episode. Hopefully this explanation defines the differences...
  • Desert Daze 2014

    by - May 4, 2014
    The desert is a beautiful place, but demands that you pay attention to the many life-threatening variables that exist. Where resources are limited and ambient temperatures can quickly drive up core body temperature, prior preparation is...
  • November Tip of the Month – Staying Alive

    by - Nov 16, 2013
    Keep things simple, and realize that when the body is overcome with a chemical cocktail of adrenaline, only gross motor skill functions will remain for the vast majority of people thrust into a survival scenario. ...Read More
  • Cody Lundin Press Release – Dual Survival Season Four!!

    by - Jul 11, 2013
    Cody Lundin Announces - Dual Season Four Prescott, May 1st, 2013 – Season three of Dual Survival was the highest rated season yet. It might come as no surprise then that season four is in the...

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