29 July 2014

May Tip of the Month -The All-Powerful Nap

Although many scenarios exist that are virtually impossible to sleep thru, strive to get as much sleep as you can, when you can. Humans require about seven to eight hours of sleep each night depending on age and other individual factors yet research as shown the importance of achieving a minimum of 4.5 to 5.5 hours of “core sleep” every 24 hours.

Sleep Shelter


Under the bizarre sleep circumstances of most survival situations, naps may be one of the most effective means of increasing mental, emotional and physical performance. While naps can be taken at anytime, those initiated at night, early morning and mid afternoon will allow you to conk out the fastest. The longer the nap, the greater the restorative response, yet naps as short as 20 minutes have been found to be amazingly effective at combating fatigue. Snoozing ahead of time, before an expected, no sleep adventure, is also helpful.

The well known nap side effect called sleep inertia or sleep drunkenness, in which you feel bitchy, confused,  disoriented and overall worse than when you started, is easily dealt with by walking around for five or ten minutes after awakening. The moral of the story is obvious, try to avoid doing critical tasks immediately upon waking from a nap.

By Cody Lundin All Rights Reserved 2012

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  • Billy
    14 May 2012 at 12:56 am - Reply

    Thangs Cody, I do appreciate your tips, I recently bought your book. I’m taking your advice of planning ahead (sinking ship scenario) and reading it now rather than when the “poop” hits the fan. Anyway, thanks for again for caring to share your vast knowledge. Best regards, be safe out while filming.