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“Amazing!” “Can’t wait to do it again!” These are the reactions I get after we do a course with Cody. We’ve been on five different courses with Cody, each leaving us with a sense of accomplishment and confidence that we can handle a survival situation if the need arises. Cody gives you a new appreciation for the environment, showing how it can help you or hurt you if you’re not prepared.”

Frank Ventura Jr., Former President, Arizona Outing Club at Arizona State University

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ALSS Custom and Private Courses

The lion’s share of our yearly course load consists of custom and private programs developed by Cody Lundin and the client. Some groups or organizations come back year after year as our specialized training influences a big part of their program. Others get their needs met after one course. Custom and private courses offer the freedom and flexibility to train on your timeframe and hone in on specific skills that you want to learn. Others simply enjoy training alone and desire one-on-one attention. Some clients desire us to come to their training location, or they come to us. The nature of a custom or private course is just that; it’s a custom co-development of meeting your training needs and motivations from start to finish.

Custom and Private Course Inquiry Form

Pricing Structure for Custom and Private Courses

Much time and effort is spent preparing for a course that goes unnoticed by the student. Custom course fees reflect the same reconnaissance, planning, packing, supplies and travel time as one of our public courses; but without the 10 to 12 individual students to pay for the adventure. Therefore, if you’re interested in training alone or with a couple of other people, your custom course will cost more than a standard ALSS offering. Please don’t expect to have a private weekend with Cody for the same price as our standard two-day courses.

Many people defray the extra cost in a custom course by designing the course with others. We have taught private courses to as many as 60 high school students at once. After dividing the initial cost of the adventure between the participants, the cost per student was “cheap.” Obviously, however, the more people you choose to have in your course, the lower the ratio of individualized hands-on instruction. 

We price custom courses based upon the following variables provided by you. We have found over the years that many people haven’t thought out their intention or motive for training when asked. Taking the time to write out in detail what you want your course experience to be allows us to plan and better meet your needs as well as accurately price your adventure.

Factors in the design of your custom adventure:

  1. Location for training. Are you coming to us or are we coming to you?
  2. Length of the training. At times multi-day courses are more economical per day than shorter courses.
  3. Number of people in your “tribe.” Some skills, back country terrain or travel considerations are easier with smaller groups.
  4. Time of the year. What calendar dates are you thinking about? Courses designed around our peak outdoor season (late spring thru early autumn) are generally priced higher.
  5. The skills you desire to learn. If you insist on learning about wild edible plants in January, we’ll share with you the pros and cons of doing so. Some supplies are more expensive for us to obtain or problematic to provide due to variables in climate or season.
  6. The intention or motivation for your training. This detail isn’t always apparent, even after writing out the above factors. It is, however, the single biggest consideration we use to prepare the kind of successful course experience that we’re known for. Some clients choose to use survival skills as a living metaphor for team training or leadership functions. Others want hard-core survival skills that work in the field. To us, your training intention goes much deeper than which physical survival skills you want to learn. Your motive for training colors everything, and is the essence and spirit of how your custom course will be designed and taught. 
After pondering the above questions, fill out our Inquiry Form or email us with the results of your brainstorming or simply give us a call. Don’t feel compelled to get all of your ideas “right” during the first run through as it’s not uncommon for Cody and the client to work back and forth refining details for the course. We look forward to serving you and co-designing a custom adventure that’s right for you!