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CBS Los Angeles: Desert Survival Trip

We'll be announcing new 2017 courses in late October....stay tuned!

Cody Lundin and the Aboriginal Living Skills School

Adventures in Outdoor Survival, Primitive Living Skills, and Urban Preparedness

Don't trust your life to an amateur. With more than 27 years of experience, ALSS is Arizona’s oldest and best known professional modern survival, bushcraft, primitive living skills, and urban preparedness school. We remain as one of the oldest continuously operated self-reliance schools in the United States.

While large enough to accomplish virtually all of your survival training needs, we're a small school by choice. Choosing to stay strategically sized allows us to provide a higher standard of training and training methodology that is virtually unmatched in the industry. At ALSS, our focus remains on getting better - not bigger - and the results show in the performance of our students.

Arizona’s incredible terrain variation - from alpine tundra to all four North American deserts and everything in between - allows us to teach courses as diverse as desert survival to winter camping, ensuring the flexibility to meet your needs. Our field courses are held in the wilderness under a US Forest Service Permit - not just outside - allowing you the rare opportunity to explore and harvest natural materials from their source for optimum realism and enjoyment. Time-tested programs are continually updated with new and exciting skills while limited enrollment ensures you personalized instruction, maximum adventure and fun!

At ALSS, we remain dedicated to offering you some of the most well-rounded and honest self-reliance, survival, and preparedness training available. Feel free to look over our training advantages, and peruse my resume and media achievements. If you have any questions regarding the ALSS experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to training with you!

Yours in Self-Reliance and Adventure,

Signed Cody

Cody Lundin
Founder, Director, and Lead Instructor, ALSS, LLC
"Teaching self-reliance since 1991"

Cody Lundin’s ALSS specializes in:

  • Primitive Living Skills / Bushcrafting
  • Wilderness Living and Modern Outdoor Survival Skills
  • Urban, Suburban and Rural Preparedness
  • Disaster Mitigation, Training and Survival
  • Sustainable Design, Building and Living Systems
  • Media Production / Consulting / Location Scouting