Praise (and otherwise) for 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

Praise (and otherwise) for 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!


“Earthy, philosophical, life-affirming, and pragmatic, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! offers far more than practical insights and a tool list for wilderness survival. Staying alive begins with a full understanding of the complex human body/mind survival mechanisms, which Cody Lundin decodes in practical language fortified with rally mantras like ‘Remember, your life is worth the fight!’ and ‘Party On!’ Detailing the essential mind-set, how to preserve your health, and the safest ways to get home from the worst kind of wilderness crisis, Cody Lundin relies upon our most human attributes intellect, instinct, and physiology. 98.6 is a life affirming celebration and a must read-it’s your key to backcountry survival when the read or trail ends.”
Moses Ludcl, author of
Jeep Owner’s Bible and past board member for the national TREAD LIGHTLY! program

“98.6 is a no nonsense, down to earth survival book that is filled with practical advice and at the same time gores many a sacred survival manual cow in the process.”
Advanced Rescue Technology magazine

“We can’t endorse your book, mostly for stylistic reasons ... the whole gonzo attitude… the routine profanity, the plainly sexist illustrations, and the religious stuff ... would make it problematic for NOLS to have our name supporting this book. Our endorsement just isn’t even a question.”
John Gookin, curriculum manager, National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

“98.6 is a welcome addition to the world of survival manuals. Cody has gone direct to the core of survival (that many authors of the subject either neglect or relegate to a paragraph at most a chapter) and has devoted his entire manuscript to staying alive. Unlike other hooks on survival that devote their contents to skills, tricks, and gadgetry that overwhelm the reader, Cody (1) drives home the basics that kill most people placed in a survival situation, (2) goes on to tell you how to prevent them, and (3) tells you how to achieve the best chance of rescue. Although this hook is directed toward the novice, it has loads of information (and presentation quality) that will benefit many of today’s survival instructors. Regardless of who the reader is, he/she will come away with an understanding of how to stay alive in the wilderness."
John McPherson, author of Naked into the Wilderness, Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills

“A must-have book for anyone who enters the wilderness for a day hike or extended stay.”
Mike Tuttle, President, National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR)

“Since 1961, I’ve taught people about the outdoors and how to live and survive, especially in winter. From Polar Regions to the desert and jungles, I’ve lived off the land, survived, and returned. When it comes to teaching survival, there are talkers and there are doers. Encapsulated within Cody’s book is the essence of doing it coming back alive no bullshit, no gimmicks, no untried theories. It’s attitude that counts and Cody’s got it! If death stares me in the face, I want Cody by my side. If he can’t be there, give me his hook. Get the attitude also, study with Cody!”
Dr. James C. Halfpenny, president of A Naturalist’s World; fellow of the Explorer’s Club; and author of Winter: An Ecological Handbook and A Field Guide to Mammal Tracking in North America

“Sorry, but Anglo Saxon vulgarisms give evidence of lack of imagination and limited vocabulary, and are not to be taken seriously.”
Col. Jeff Cooper (retired), editor-at-large, Guns & Ammo magazine

“Discounting all the trendy ‘how to wrestle alligator’ books, Lundin uses humor, logic, and repetition to teach survival basics in a new way.”
Powder magazine

“Survival Knowledge Explained: Get a handle on the problems you could encounter when straying off the beaten path. Stack the deck in your favor by carrying a few essentials (the kit) that can contribute to your comfort, and tell someone when and where to look for you when you are overdue. Drink enough water, get enough sleep, and realize the importance of not letting your body temperature rise or drop from its norm of 98.6, and there is a good chance you will survive long enough (without having to eat) to be rescued even if it takes a month. The rationale behind this and more is very well laid out in 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! It is one of the few refreshing survival manuals that presents a truly modern and updated approach to survival knowledge. How many manuals today delve as much into the importance of sleep and clothing in survival? The psychological aspects of survival as presented by Lundin make more sense than virtually any other survival manual that I have read so far. 98.6 is an outstanding modern survival manual.”
Mors Kochanski, wilderness living skills instructor and author of the Canadian bestseller Bush Craft: Wilderness Living and Survival Skills

“Cody does it again! With his rapid-fire, no-holds-barred teaching style, Cody shows you how to live the good life in the wild outdoors. Party On, Dudes! This is not another silly rip off of how not to do it. Cody has the time-tested skills and knowledge that it takes to get it right. He knows from firsthand experience acquired in the field where it really counts and explains things clearly and accurately, with a showman’s timing and scholar’s attention to detail. 98.6 is the one book every outdoor traveler needs to memorize!”
David Wescott, former president, Boulder Outdoor Survival School and author of Camping in the Old Style

“Cody does an outstanding job with his vision of survival I’ve read it over and over and can’t say enough positive things for this piece of literature [It’s] what we’ve needed for years.”
Ernie Coffman, ST2, Team Leader, Survival Instructor for OSSA, Rogue Valley Search and Rescue

“In this book Cody has succinctly and ‘in your facedly’ blown away the often written extraneous ‘BS’ and filler info concerning one’s absolute, basic physiological, psychological, and material needs in a short term survival situation. Then he clearly presents the necessary planning and means for being truly prepared. If R. Crumb’s late-60s underground comic character Mr. Natural wisely expound, ‘I found the right tool for the job!’ Now YOU too! Plan ahead; keep your wits, and Party On!
Jim Riggs, primitive living skills instructor and author of Blue Mountain Buckskin

“Cody’s writing style grabs you by the throat and shakes you awake. 98.6 is a great, informative read.”
Bushcraft and Survival Skills magazine, United Kingdom

“I’ve read or skimmed just about every ‘survival’ book written since I first started wandering around in the boonies as a pre-teen Boy Scout, and I can’t think of anything more boring than yawning and snoring over yet another ‘How to Survive in the Woods with Nothing More than a GPS and Cell Phone’ by Eddie Expert who copied every chapter from the U.S. Air Force Survival Manual. Anyway, What’s this I see? llustrations by Russ Miller? Actual ‘humor’ applied to such a ‘serious’ subject? Irreverence in the face of catastrophe? Poo-pooing the ‘experts’? Trying to separate the bull from the bullshit? Son, how dare you flaunt your idiosyncratic ideas and creative approach to such a tried and true dull subject. What will all those Rangers, S&R folks, Sheriff’s Posses, and other ‘experts’ think of such a callous approach to keeping one’s ass alive? And, to be honest, since I am a bonafide ‘expert’ on survival myself, I really don’t need this book ... but maybe I’ll just keep this here copy tucked into my survival blanket. I could always use some new ideas, bring it out for a few chuckles under the desert stars. Let’s see here ... hmm ... hell, this is pretty good writing. It is refreshingly different from the other ‘sleeping pill survival hooks’ I’ve been forced to read and review. Ya know, maybe I’ll order a few more copies for my friends. Hell, maybe I’ll even send a few to my enemies.”
Dave Ganci, Rogue Senior, Coyote Face, Ghengis Khan admirer, Cheap Beer ‘Expert,’ bona-fide Desert Rat, and author of The Basic Essentials of Desert Survival and Desert Hiking

“This book is HOT... and, yes, this book is COOL! Mr. Lundin has anchored his survival treatise in the ultimate reality world of those things that push your thermostat too high or too low. Boiling it down to basics, he combines psychology, soul, and sound technique to keep your temperature in the ‘live another day’ zone. Pay attention mountain, desert, and forest travelers, and you, too, can emerge truly COOL from the most trying of tests ... survival, with your wits, in a hostile environment.”
Dan Hourihan, President, Mountain Rescue Association (MRA)