“Meet the man for whom ‘getting mediaeval’ is merely old hat: Cody Lundin. When he gets primitive ... it’s for real.”
Jason Williams, President, JWM Productions

“Cody Lundin made this news producer’s first foray into reality television a dream come true. His incredible energy never waned through two locations, four segments and eight wardrobe changes. Simply hand this man a concept on outdoor survival and an open lav and he’ll give you pearls!”
Alison Hemmingsen, Producer, Lifetime Network, “What Should You Do?”




Television and Film Hosting

Perhaps no one in the field of outdoor survival and preparedness training has the variety of television experience as Cody Lundin. With his penchant for going barefoot, braided hair, quick wit, and alternative lifestyle, along with his professional understanding of the physics, psychology, and physiology of survival, Cody is routinely sought after to help develop or host new network and cable programming.

Cody hosted the Discovery Channel show “Lost in the Wild,” and was chosen by the Today Show to design and perform the live survival segment on Sir Richard Branson’s private retreat in the British Virgin Isles for the finale of “Where in the World is Matt Lauer.” He was chosen as the survival expert for two Dateline NBC adventures, three “What Should You Do” episodes for Lifetime television with Leeza Gibbons, and featured as the sole expert on the Donny and Marie Show for a Y2K preparation special. Cody also designed and was featured in the pilot episode of the History Channels "Digging for the Truth". Good Morning America came to Cody for professional comment on the European "Forest Boy" mystery and the Eric Frein manhunt in Pennsylvania. He was the first person chosen to host the hit Discovery Channel show Dual Survival for four seasons. He has also appeared on camera for dozens of network news shows for FOX, CBS, NBC and various morning shows and other programming around the nation. (For a complete listing of Cody’s television experience, click here.)

Contact our office for more information or to request a reel of Cody’s prior television appearances at (928) 713-1651, or email us at abodude@codylundin.com.

Off-Camera Show Development,
Production and Guiding

We routinely work with all types of media designing high quality custom footage. Cody Lundin’s expertise in putting together dynamic, professionally rendered "camera friendly" outdoor skills eliminates the guesswork regarding the quality of your final product. Cody will work closely with your production company to ensure your programming needs get met. Contact our office at (928) 713-1651 or email us at abodude@codylundin.com.

Arizona…A Producer’s Dream Come True

Cody has lived in Arizona since 1987 and knows its diverse landscapes well. Arizona has more terrain and weather variables, within the shortest travel time, of any comparable region in North or South America. Major interstates allow quick, hassle free access to all environments. We have designed alpine winter survival segments in knee deep snow, only to shoot desert survival segments two hours away the very next day. This amazing geographical diversity allows your crew unequaled potential for quickly capturing multiple story concepts under the same operating budget dollar.

More Producer Testimonials

Annabelle Hester, Producer said ...

“I worked with Cody Lundin in the summer of 2003 on a one-hour program I produced for the Discovery Channel called ‘Lost in the Wild’ in which we dropped 4 volunteers into a wilderness environment for three days in Nova Scotia, with no food or water and very little gear. The point was to recreate a typical day hiking scenario gone bad to explore the psychological effects of being lost, and to outline basic survival techniques to get through an ordeal like this. Our contrived ‘lost in the wild’ scenario included the presence of a survival expert to teach the group what they needed to survive for three days (shelter building, fire-starting, water purifying, etc.). In casting that role, we considered a number of wilderness expert candidates. Cody was the most charismatic and compelling with a unique ‘in your face’ style that we felt would play well on TV (the long hair and bare feet not withstanding!) Let’s just say that we were NOT disappointed. You can read exuberant customer testimonials about Cody’s teachings and his teaching style on other parts of this web site and after working with Cody in Nova Scotia, I’d agree with them all. In addition to all that, I’d have to say that from a TV production standpoint, Cody was a pro all the way. He was naturally comfortable on camera with a huge presence. He had thoroughly
done his homework about the Nova Scotia environment that he wasn’t familiar with, so he was always ready with something interesting or entertaining or relevant to say on camera. He was passionate about getting essential survival points across, but was highly directable and collaborative. And for someone who doesn’t watch much TV, he had a seemingly innate understanding of the production process and of what was going to play well. Basically, he made my producing job as easy as possible under very complicated production circumstances. I would jump at the chance to work with him again because Cody’s presence means an almost guaranteed kick-ass, informative and entertaining show.”

Steve Hoggard / Hoggard Films, Creator and Executive Producer for Discovery Channel’s LOST IN THE WILD said ...

“In the world of wilderness survival and aboriginal living skills, Cody Lundin is the real deal. He’s a guy who not only practices what he preaches; he lives it. When production commenced on Discovery’s LOST IN THE WILD television series, it quickly became apparent that Cody wasn’t just part of the story - he was the story. His passion for the back country and his comfort there were manifest from the first moment we arrived. He moves through wilderness landscapes like most of us do from the fridge to the couch. ... Completely at ease, yet completely aware of everything around him. Just as important for us was the fact that Cody’s camera presence is professional, impeccably credible and utterly compelling. But beyond TV, it was also clear from the start that this man, so at home in the wild, has never lost his awe or respect for it. Ultimately, what surprised me most was not how in tune Cody was with Mother Nature ... But how in tune he is with human nature. ... Each of us, production crew and survival student alike sensed it. There is economy in everything he does. He moves and speaks deliberately. He’s a guy used to silence. Initially this was slightly uncomfortable to those of us used to coffee shops, elevator music and rush hour. But after a little while, it became clear that Cody’s ability to measure the physical, mental and emotional status of each of us was not alien at all, but finely tuned.The way he ushered his students through a frightening and incredibly challenging four-day scenario in which they believed themselves truly lost in Arizona’s high desert was amazing to see. More often than not, they didn’t even realize it when Cody manipulated their actions away from a given (read: suicidal) direction. His intuitive grasp of each student’s emotional status, combined with the solid survival skills he taught our lost group, afforded four kids who knew nothing of the back country when they set out, the confidence, courage and knowledge they needed to pull themselves through what was ultimately a transformational experience. ... That, and we wound up with one helluva TV Show...”