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Adventure Courses 2022

" After completing the Desert Drifter, I have a new place in my spirit that allows me to conquer the fear of the unknown. I have found the animal inside me that has instincts and the ability to adapt and survive to multiple conditions in the outdoors. I enjoyed learning about not only outdoor survival but personal survival as it relates to real world challenges we are faced with. I enjoyed the extremes of weather types knowing I can conquer them and that my body adapts to each one differently. I gained an ultimate appreciation for Mother Nature, what it offers and how you need to work with what it lays out for you to survive. Survival is all around you, you just have to learn the tools to coexist with Mother Nature and use it to your advantage. The time to train is now, raise the funds, get the support of your family and sign up for a course."
W. Shane Hesse, Ph.D., Arizona State University, “Desert Drifter” alum, 2016.