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“Anyone can buy training, but no one can buy experience.”

A note from Cody Lundin:
Training and experience are two very different concepts that are often confused. Only skills repetition and time will satisfy the latter with any semblance of competency. The neophyte survival instructor, regardless of their zeal and paper diplomas on the wall, does not have the field time of a seasoned instructor with decades of experience. They have not had the back country time necessary to build wisdom and exercise sound decision making skills - skills often times gleaned from very painful experiences. Whenever “human nature” and “Mother Nature” are mixed - the hallmark of all survival scenarios - all hell can break loose with a literal limitless array of deadly variables. “Variables” equal the unknown, and the “unknown” generates fear.
Please realize this following truth – only an instructor with years of back country experience will possess the credibility and competence to effectively and realistically train you and your loved ones for a life threatening situation. Below are ALSS benefits that set my school apart from the hobbyist as well as many “professional” schools. In any event, I encourage you to check out my choosing the right instructor page for core values that I feel are important in deciding who you will ultimately train with.

ALSS Training Advantages

Low Student to Instructor Ratio: Most ALSS courses consist of 6-12 students ensuring you detailed, personalized instruction with plenty of hands-on time to learn and practice skills. The US military trains its Special Forces soldiers in small groups for a reason, as they know it's the most effective way to deliver hands-on information.

Quality over Quantity: At ALSS, we would rather be better than bigger – and we don’t believe that bigger is better when it comes to survival training. We choose to stay strategically sized to focus on continually developing and providing a level of training and training methodology that is virtually unmatched in the industry. We keep our standards high and the results show in the performance of our students. Our courses, skills and field operating techniques are continually researched and refined allowing you to experience some of the most well rounded, honest survival instruction available.

The ALSS “Bulls#!t Free Guarantee": Integrity means doing the right thing, whether or not anyone is watching. A reputation of integrity takes years to build, but only seconds to lose. Survival training deals with your life. At ALSS, we are keenly aware that our students trust us with their safety. As a professional survival school, we are also aware that if we lie, people can die. The personal integrity and honesty of your instructor matters. Answers you get from an instructor could affect whether or not you and loved ones die during an emergency.
Media platforms such as survival TV shows, Facebook, and You Tube continue to allow for the exploitation of the profession and the dishonest creation of over-night “survival experts” who are not. Millions have been deceived. Teaching integrity and field experience are the foundation of instructor excellence. We take the lives of our students seriously. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we say so. No BS. Guaranteed.

Traditional Woods-lore Skills, Primitive Technology, Home and Urban Preparedness, Bushcrafting, and Modern Outdoor Survival Skills: We specialize in many forms of self-reliant skills allowing you optimal adaptation potential in urban, rural and wilderness environments.

Minimal Bureaucracy: Our simple, focused operating style and smaller size allow for enhanced experimentation and optimal learning experiences in the field.

Cost Effectiveness: Instruction is intense as courses are packed full of information but without sacrificing attention to detail and include all field materials. One day of instruction at an ALSS course is typically worth a day and a half or more at other schools. We won’t waste your time and aim to give you more than your dollars worth every time.

The Ultimate Training Landscape: There is a reason that many of the major auto makers choose to have their proving grounds in Arizona. Our state provides the greatest number of outdoor terrain and weather variables, within the shortest travel distance, of any geographic region in North or South America. From all four North American deserts to snow-covered alpine tundra, Arizona has the topography to meet your training needs. Interstates I-17 and I-10 run through the center of the state offering quick, hassle free access to all life zones. Check out the "Amazing Arizona" button.

We Live Where We Train, and Live What We Teach: The magnitude of this statement should not be underestimated as nature is filled with non-stop variation in flora and fauna. Northern Arizona has been our home since 1987. We frequent our course areas on a routine basis year round. This gives us, and you, the advantage of intimately knowing your landscape inside and out, from summer to fall and winter to spring. Cody Lundin is one of the few professional survival instructors who lives what he teaches. His self-designed, hand built off-grid homestead in the high desert wilderness of Arizona incorporates the very best of ancient and modern self-sufficient technologies.

Custom Administrative Options: We routinely design custom programs to meet the specific needs of individuals, groups and organizations. Custom courses allow flexibility within each program to meet agreed upon goals ensuring you a quality experience from start to finish.

Easy Access: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is less than two hours away with ground shuttle systems operating several times daily. In addition, the town of Prescott features its own airport with sky shuttle service available from Sky Harbor International Airport as well as offering landing opportunities for your personal or company aircraft.

“Family Style” Courses: Although large enough to tackle most all of your training needs, we are a small school and choose to remain so. Unlike the “big box” schools, every ALSS course you enroll in has the flavor of a custom experience from start to finish. We have been family owned and operated since our inception thus still offer a truly unique, “family style” training atmosphere featuring some of the best quality instruction you’ll find anywhere.

Guaranteed Professional Instruction: Occasionally, we invite guest instructors from around the nation, hand-picked for their particular expertise. All ALSS staff are hand trained by Cody Lundin. Unless otherwise noted, Cody is the lead instructor on all ALSS courses. Check out "About Cody” for in-depth qualifications for Cody Lundin.

Lasting “Real” Value: All ALSS courses promote a greater awareness of what has “true value” for humans in both good times and bad. The self-reliant skills we teach - and practice ourselves – have been integral to sustaining life upon Earth for a very long time. We teach a system of skills and methodologies that have developed over eons of time by the natural world itself.  Knowing how to provide shelter, procure water, make fire, find food, create lighting and implement emergency sanitation options will always have real value for real people. In times of falling stock markets, bank closures, violence, and general economic distress, knowing these and other tangible core value skills will bring you greater peace, confidence and options for keeping you and your family safer during changing times.

World Wide Experience: Cody Lundin is one of a handful of people in the world who have traveled the globe learning and teaching survival skills. His experiences from Canada, Laos, New Zealand, Belize, Peru, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Botswana, Thailand, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Hawaiian Islands, Zambia, Romania, Fiji, Panama, Sri Lanka, Oman, Norway and several bio-regions in North America add unmatched depth to his 26 plus year career.

Supportive Training Functions: We are networked with dozens of professionals across the nation who specialize in certain skills. If after training at ALSS you desire further experience in a particular area, chances are we can point you in the right direction for continued, quality learning.