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Training for another skillTraining for another skill.




Hydroponic strawberriessHydroponic strawberries.




Solar system gutsSolar system guts.




Aquaculture optionsAquaculture options.








Xeriscape garden with flagstone walkwayXeriscape garden with flagstone walkway.




Whoops! More practice using a pressure cooker is neededWhoops! More practice using a pressure cooker is needed.


Self-Reliance Symposium: Urban Survival and Preparedness

(Class limited to 12 students)
Not offered for 2020. Please check back next year!
Tuition: $2699
Instructors: Cody Lundin and Mark Dorsten
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Frosting a freshly baked solar oven chocolate cake.Frosting a freshly baked solar oven chocolate cake.What if you could increase your family's confidence and safety in seven days? Do you have the skills, gear and mind-set to deal with disasters in your town or city? Is your home prepared to suddenly be “off-grid” if the conventional power grid crashes? Natural disasters, financial meltdowns, epidemics, power failures, civil unrest and disruptions in transportation can all bring normal life to a standstill. Another ALSS exclusive, this course addresses short and long-term survival in both town and country environments and is based upon Cody’s best-selling book on Hydroponic strawberriessAnnabel, from Tokyo, Japan, brushes up on the curriculum for the Self-reliance Symposium course.urban preparedness, When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes. Reclaim your sense of preparedness and confidence by spending seven days learning time-honored skills to increase your family’s self-reliance and peace-of-mind during emergencies.

Learning to cook over open fire

You will live what you learn during the Symposium course as the skills covered will be incorporated as part of your daily experience throughout the week. Discover select aspects of primitive living, modern outdoor survival, disaster preparedness, urban preparedness and survival, and homesteading skills designed for your loved ones safety and independence before, during, and after troubled times.

Home made solar ovenHome made solar oven.Testing a freshly made solar ovenTesting a freshly made solar oven.Explore the fundamentals of passive solar design and photovoltaic power, how to safely compost human waste, xeriscape gardening for arid lands, hydroponic gardening to grow food using less water, emergency food types and their proper storage for maximal shelf life, alternative cooking methods and fire lighting techniques, emergency sanitation, defining your urban survival priorities, what and how much to buy for supplies, survival psychology and fear control, alternative shelter, heating, and cooling techniques, water harvesting, storage, and disinfection methods, alternative lighting and communication options, home and office survival kits and much more!

Starting a fire with flint and steelStarting a fire with flint and steel.The Self-Reliance Symposium offers an alternative to fear and the feeling of powerlessness that’s all too common during an emergency. Learn how to be prepared instead of being scared. Two meals per day are included. (minimal hiking required)

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"ALSS courses have inspired me to stop filling my bookshelves and learn as much as possible by putting my hands to task. I have done so much more than I ever dreamed. I’m working at self-reliance, instead of reading about it. I’m reducing baggage, instead of acquiring more. I’m focusing on my priorities, instead of wandering lost. And mostly, I’m living and no longer fretting. Me and mine, we’ll be just fine!"
Kristina Freeman, “Self-reliance Symposium” alum, 2009.