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New York Daily News, June 2015. Reporter Reuven Blau interviews Cody about two escaped convicts on the run in upstate New York.

The Arizona Republic, September 2014. “Lundin, who starred on the Discovery Channel's "Dual Survival" reality show, will be a featured guest at the Prescott Great Outdoors festival Oct. 10-11 at Watson Lake Park.” Outdoors writer Ron Dungan interviews Cody about the survival classes he plans to teach at the City of Prescott’s Great Outdoors Festival.

Patriot newsThe Patriot News, Pennsylvania, September 2014. “That Frein, the target of the weeks long manhunt that's sent law enforcement officers from at least three states fanned across Pike and Monroe counties in northeastern Pennsylvania, allegedly ambushed two state troopers on the cusp of winter has left one expert doubting how skilled in survival he is.” Writer Debbie Truong interviews Cody about the term “survivalist,” its use in pop culture and his opinion on Eric Frein.  

The Prescott Daily Courier, August 2014. “Survival skills expert Cody Lundin among draws to nature activity showcase event.” Reporter Cindy Barks front page article highlights Cody headlining the 3rd annual city of Prescott Great Outdoors Festival and Expo.

The National Enquirer, January 2013. Staff writer discloses the elimination of Dave Canterbury from the Dual Survival television show for lying about his military and civilian survival experience.

Win Awenen Nisitotung, September 2012. “Cody Lundin is a well-known expert in primitive survival skills who has a deep connection with nature.” Writer Jennifer Dale-Burton interviews Cody about his school, Dual Survival, his do more with less philosophy, and living off the grid for the Sault Saint Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians newspaper.

Reading Eagle, January 2012. “Mr. Orr, 56, stood in line for 21/2 hours with his 13 year-old son to catch a glimpse of a man whose eaten worms, and caught eels with his socks to survive in the wilderness.” Writer Ron Devlin interviews the crowd at Cody’s standing room only capacity keynote address at the Penn State Berks auditorium. 

The Houston Chronicle, June 2011. Survivalist and TV personality Cody Lundin keynotes the first RAM Home Safety prep show at the Reliance Center in Houston.

Pretoria News, South Africa, March 2011. “Cody will show you how to use what you have around you to survive.” Reporter Latoya Newman interviews Cody about filming Dual Survival in South Africa.

The Star, (South Africa), March 2011. “Cody, a minimalist and primitive skills expert is the one who will help you feed off the land, literally.” Writer Latoya Newman interviews Cody about his hit show Dual Survival and shooting two episodes in Africa.

Laramie Boomerang, October 2010. “Basically, if you need a survival expert, you go to Lundin.” Writer Eve Newman interviews Cody about his hit show Dual Survival, life in Wyoming, training in the wilderness and in the cities, and more.

Standard Journal, Idaho, September 2010. “To put it simply-or in the words of one Hibbard fourth grader-Cody Lundin, the television star of Discovery Channels “Dual Survival” is “the coolest thing ever.” Cody teaches local school children survival skills and is interviewed by writer Nate Sunderland about teaching at Rabbit Stick Rendezvous for the past 20 plus years.

Financial Times, London, UK, January 1, 2009. "Cody Lundin's When All Hell Breaks Loose instructs readers how to get rid of bodies and feast on rats in the event of disaster." Times writer Emma Jacobs includes Cody's book in her "How to survive the worlds end" article.

Christian Science Monitor, December 2008. "Author Cody Lundin, who since 1991 has taught survival at his Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona, has trained clients from all backgrounds." Cody is interviewed by reporter Josh Allen for an article relating to the surge in " survivalism" during troubled economic times.

The New York Times, April 6, 2008. “When All Hell Breaks Loose by Cody Lundin instructs readers how to dispose of bodies and dine on rats and dogs in the event of disaster.” Alex Williams cites Cody’s urban survival book in his article Duck and Cover: It’s the New Survivalism.

New York Post, March 2008. “That tan dude walking through midtown today in cut-off jean shorts (and bare feet!) is survival expert Cody Lundin...” Cody shares his views on self-reliance with a few people in Manhattan. 2003 article.

The Arizona Republic, June 2008. Cody is interviewed by reporter Lisa Nicita about urban survival scenarios that could be created by natural disasters during the summer season.

November 2007. "Cody Lundin, founder and director of the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, is a model of self-reliance. He lives off the grid in a home he designed. Through the judicious use of passive solar energy, collecting rainwater and composting waste, he pays nothing for utilities." Reporter John Stanley interviews Cody about his new urban survival book.

April 2005 "Lundin’s survival tips are simple and practical, aimed at staying alive...rather than elaborate instructions on how to live off the land for weeks." Outdoor reporter John Stanley interviews Cody and Sgt. Dave Garland, Search and Rescue coordinator for the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office about Cody’s survival training courses.

October 2003. "Cody Lundin knows survival. His new book, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! explains in clear, no-frills language exactly what it takes to stay alive in outdoor survival situations." Outdoor writer John Stanley reviews Cody’s new book for his "On the Shelf" column.

September 2003 "The best list of survival gear is one put together by the individual who may need it, says Cody Lundin, author of the new book 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!" Outdoor feature writer John Stanley interviews Cody about his new book, urban and wilderness survival scenarios, home preparedness, car survival kits and his Aboriginal Living Skills School.

October 2001 "Cody Lundin teaches everyone from white-collar types to hard-core outdoor folks how to survive in the wilderness.” Outdoors reporter John Stanley interviews Cody for a front cover dual article in the “Smart Living” section regarding his Spartan lifestyle, why he chose to teach survival skills, his views on life in and out of the wilderness and the components of his outdoor survival kit.

April 1998 “Lundin is used to teaching people how to survive in the most severe circumstances.” Trains Outdoors reporter Barry Burkhart in desert survival including what to carry in a desert survival kit.

February 1997 "It’s a chance to learn the art of primitive living." Outdoors reporter Barry Burkhart interviews Cody for a dual article about his life style and the contents of his survival kit. Story is picked up by the Associated Press and appears nation wide.

The Prescott Daily Courier, December 2012. “Yavapai County’s own Cody Lundin will be back for a third season of the TV series “Dual Survival” on the Discovery Channel but he’ll have a new co-star.” Writer Joanna Dodder interviews Cody about season three, the elimination of Dave Canterbury by Discovery, and his new co-host Joe Teti.

April 2011. “Prescott based outdoor instructor Cody Lundin has signed on for a second season of the reality TV show Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel…” Staff writer highlights season two of Dual Survival with premiere dates.

June 2010. “Cody Lundin hasn’t worn shoes in more than 20 years, and apparently being shipwrecked in freezing temperatures isn’t about to make him start.” Joanna Dodder interviews Cody about his co-hosting role in the new hit television show “Dual Survival”.

October 2007. "Ever since Cody Lundin was a child, he knew he wanted to do more with less." Reporter Will Waterman interviews Cody about his thoughts regarding self-reliance and his new book on urban survival skills.

March 2004 "Cody Lundin, founder of Prescott’s Aboriginal Living Skills School, LLC who has been featured in several national and international newspapers and magazines and television, and radio programs including Dateline NBC and Channel 8 Horizon Program (PBS) will mentor the lost until help arrives." Courier reporter Mirsada Buric-Adam interviews Cody and the Yavapai County Search and Rescue for their roles in the Discovery Channels "Lost in the Wild" shows.

February 2004 " Cody Lundin spent Valentine’s Day on the private Necker Island in the Caribbean, snorkeling with his “sweetie” in 82-degree weather and soaking up the rays." Courier reporter Hilary Eller features Cody’s work on NBC’s The Today Show for "Where in the world is Matt Lauer?"

July 2003 "Lundin’s new book takes the reader on a bold trek through common sense survival." Reporter Briana Lonas interviews Cody about teaching, his lifestyle, and his new book 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

August 2002 "Cody Lundin’s Aboriginal Living Skills School offers opportunities to shed your outer city trappings, and get in touch with your inner wildman." Prescott Courier columnist, Richard Sims, Director of the Sharlot Hall Museum, touts Cody’s new courses offered through the museums educational department.

July 2002 "Wilderness survival instructor Cody Lundin has been chosen by Backpacker magazine to represent the magazines Outdoor Survival Skills program at this years Camp Jeep event in Missouri." Part of an article compiled by business reporter Chad Simpson detailing Cody’s Camp Jeep training.

August 1999 “Cody Lundin, the shoeless primitive skills instructor who teaches people how to survive outdoors, is on the cover of the September issue of Backpacker, The Magazine of Wilderness Travel.” Reporter Louise Konarski interviews Cody about his feature article in Backpacker magazine and his ALSS wilderness course.

July 1996 "From weaving willow pack frames to slicing up a road kill snake for supper, Lundin covers it all." Reporter Constance Keremes interviews Cody about teaching primitive living and survival skills courses for Yavapai College and Prescott College as an adjunct faculty member.

August 1994 “When it comes to really living in the wild, exposed to the elements, Lundin has first hand experience.” Reporter Mary Lin interviews Cody about his school, life in the woods and his college courses in outdoor skills.

1990 <em>Daily Courier</em> article.1990 Daily Courier article. May 1990 “Walking barefoot is one aboriginal habit most people forget. Lundin often walks barefoot in the forest, on and off trail.” Reporter Steve Lee interviews Cody for a full-page story about survival priorities and living full time in his Wicki-up.
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Transitions (Prescott College) Fall/Winter 2007 "Although Cody is ready to take readers to the max - the Mad Max, as it were - in the Armageddon of his imagination, he also offers levels of practical advice for folks seeking to prepare emergency clothing, food, shelter, and clean water for a few days to a few weeks." Writer Mary Lin reviews Cody’s new book on urban preparedness When All Hell Breaks Loose.

Summer 2001 “With their three weeks of training and hands-on learning, Cody’s class has the skills and knowledge to survive, just like their ancestors did thousands of years ago.” Editor Karlyn Haas interviews Cody and his students for a full-page article regarding his 30-day Aboriginal Living Skills course conducted for Prescott College.

Winter/ Spring 2001 Cody and his school are mentioned in the Alumni News regarding his work training Dateline NBC correspondent in winter survival skills.

Winter/Spring 2000 Cody and his school are mentioned in the Alumni News regarding his survival kit demonstration on the Donny and Marie Show.

The Philadelphia Enquirer, October 2007. Cody is quoted for Doug Lansky’s article on travel preparedness and survival.

The Chino Valley Review, October 2007. "Many consider Lundin as a leading source for survival skills and knowledge." Cody is interviewed about his new book, When All Hell Breaks Loose.

July 2003 "Rave reviews of local author Cody Lundin’s new book, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! is proof that people want to know how to survive in emergency situations." Reporter Laura Flood interviews Cody regarding the style and content of his new book.

August 2002 "...the Aboriginal Living Skills School is designed to teach people how to do more with less when trying to survive in the outdoors." Writer Diane DeHamer features Cody and his school in the "Meet Your Neighbor" section of the Review.

December 1998 “Cody Lundin teaches the ways of the Earth with a vision.” Cody is interviewed about his school and its corporate training adventures.

February 1998 Trains reporter Russ Miller in a primitive skills adventure for his weekly column, Miller’s Musings.

The Monitor, (Texas) August, 2007. Cody was interviewed for an article about hurricane preparedness and survival.

The Fresno Bee, December 2004. “Most survival books of this ilk might as well have been cut and pasted from old Air Force manuals. Not this one. Founder of the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona, Lundin explains - vividly - how the human body can survive days without food and water but can perish within hours if body temperature dips below 98.6degrees. Lundin’s tips are insightful and jam-packed with practical advice.”
Writer Marek Warszawski touts Cody’s book 98.6 Degrees as a must get book for the outdoor enthusiast this Christmas season.

The Houston Chronicle, February 2004. “Outdoors expert and author Cody Lundin lugs four pounds of survival gear afield, including dozens of lightweight items that all make sense for someone faced with several days in the middle of nowhere.” Writer Doug Pike features Cody’s tips in a column on staying alive in the Texas outdoors.

Grand Rapids Press, December 2003. “I love this book. Lundin’s direct and sometimes irreverent approach is a breath of fresh air, a far cry from the survival book of yesteryear. His is a resource loaded with critical facts, sarcastic humor, sometimes radical tactics, outlandish cartoons, excellent diagrams and high quality photographs that will interest any outdoor enthusiast.” Outdoors editor Howard Meyerson reviews 98.6 Degrees as one of five outdoor related books that make great gifts for the holiday season.

The Morning Call, Allentown, PA. December 2003. "Lundin presents his material with a humorous, entertaining, in-your-face style....You won’t get bored absorbing Lundin’s teachings, which just might save your life someday." Writer Christian Berg reviews Cody’s book 98.6 Degrees.

Arizona Daily Star, October 2003. “Cody Lundin...has written a book of tips to help you survive any outdoor adventure.” Writer Karen Mracek highlights Cody’s book and his visit to the University of Tucson

Phoenix New Times, October 2003. “....Lundin’s witty book about life-or-death situations is backed up by his incredible expertise.” Writer Michele Laudig reviews Cody’s book in preparation for an author signing in the “This Weeks day-by-day Picks” section of the New Times.

July 1995. “Cody Lundin teaches aboriginal living for people who want to survive in the modern world.” Cody appears on the front cover of the New Times after training reporter Mark Ramirez for a feature story on the art of going primitive.

The Rough Writer, October 2003. “Cody Lundin, YC adjunct faculty member, has become Gibbs Smith publishing company’s number two best-selling author with his book 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!” Editor Greg Grahlmann interviews Cody about his college classes, his book and philosophies about teaching survival skills.

The Hippo Press, October 2003. “Lundin, who runs the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona, offers practical survival advice that could come in handy anywhere from Everest to Mount Washington.” Hippo staff writer reviews Cody’s new book 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

The Los Angeles Daily News, August 2003. “This outrageously straightforward survival book teaches you what you need to know, now, to live through virtually every survival scenario...this is one of the year’s best reads.” Outdoor writer Michael A. Anastasi reviews Cody’s new book, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

Laramie Daily Boomerang, August 2003. “Cody Lundin’s new book, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! is designed to smack the reader in the face with dire, lifesaving information... .” Staff writer Amy Geringer interviews Cody about the style and content of his new book.

North Shore News, Vancouver BC, August 2003. “Author Cody Lundin takes a no-nonsense approach to getting his message across.” Writer Terry Peters reviews Cody’s new book, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

Philadelphia Metro News, July 2003. “Cody Lundin’s book, 98.6 Degrees, breaks new ground in the world of survival manuals.” Writer Josh Miller interviews Cody about his new book and the Aboriginal Living Skills School.

June 2003. Reporter Josh Miller interviews Cody about staying alive in the city and the country and details Cody’s new book, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

Knoxville News Sentinel, July 2003. “Lundin is a survival expert who runs the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona. His book is a no-nonsense guide to staying alive in the worst of hot, cold, wet or dry extremes.” Columnist Sam Venable reviews Cody’s new book, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

Copley News Service, February 2003. Reporter Paul Huard interviews Cody and others for a syndicated story on survival skills, attitude and survival gear.

The Record, August 2000. “The Aboriginal Living Skills School is run by guide and survival guru Cody Lundin, whose philosophy is ‘whatever works.’” ALSS is one of three survival schools nation wide featured in a story regarding the CBS series Survivor.

1999 article. USA Today, October 1999. “Cody Lundin wants to save you from yourself.” Reporter Taylor Buckley interviews Cody for a full-page article about his survival skills training and the components of his survival kit.









Tucson Weekly, April 1998. “Among Lundin’s more colorful credentials is a license to collect and process fresh road kill for his own consumption.” Part of a story featuring Arizona people in the national news.

Russ Miller’s Oddly Enough, World Wide Media Syndication, 1998. “Oddly Enough, Cody, a white man, has been hired by local Indian tribes to teach their children forgotten native skills.” Illustration of Cody making a hand drill fire accompanied the article. Featured in countries such as South Africa, Italy, Japan and the Philippines.

Out and About, April 1995. “All you really need is food, water and personal shelter (clothes), Cody helps you locate all these necessities and have a good time doing it.” Story regarding upcoming ALSS field courses by editor Barbara Forton.