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Black Belt, March 2015.
“Lundin teaches safety not from violence but from natural disasters and the elements.” Writer and ALSS student Barry Eisler writes a review of the ALSS Self-reliance Symposium course for a feature story on eight training camps around the nation.

TV Guide, October 2014.
“Lundin says he was fired and that his termination was the culmination of several long-running arguments with the network (Discovery Channel), production company Original Media, and his co-stars regarding the shows credibility, its commitment to the health and safety of cast, crew, and viewers and what he calls an “appalling lack of leadership.””  Journalist David Peisner interviews Cody and many other TV survival personas on the chronic disregard for safety on many TV survival shows.


5 Senses, October 2014.
“Barefoot and fancy free: survival guru Cody Lundin enjoys Prescott Great Outdoors.” Writer James Dungeon interviews Cody about survival skills, TV, his Aboriginal Living Skills School, and doomsday scenarios.

Arizona Wildlife Views, July/August 2014. Writer Lee Allen interviews Cody for his feature article “How not to die in the desert.”

Men’s Journal, May 2014.
“High and dry in the Arizona desert, one hot, hungry week with nine strangers, a shoeless guru named Cody, and not much else.” Journalist Josh Eells writes a seven page feature story about his participation in Cody’s most aggressive course, the Desert Drifter.

Passenger Terminal World, September 2013. Writer Paul Willis interviews Cody about the psychology of surviving in an airport, Edward Snowden style.

Building Yavapai, Yavapai County Contractors Association, 2013. Staff writers interview Cody about his self-reliant earth home for the magazine’s cover story on sustainable design.

MSN’s Top Ten Survival Vacations, Aboriginal Living Skills School — Arizona. “Among survival instructors, Cody Lundin is a bit of a celebrity: an author, teacher and endurance extraordinaire who’s been featured on national TV shows and magazine covers. He even now co-hosts a Discovery Channel show called “Dual Survival.” So, if you want to learn from the best, there’s perhaps no place better than Lundin’s Aboriginal Living Skills School, an Arizona compound that offers courses in both wilderness preparedness and adventure training.”  

The Backwoodsman, May/June 2012. (Cover) “Cody’s constant desire to explore the many different aspects of self-reliance has resulted in him becoming one of the world’s foremost authorities on primitive living and survival skills.”  Editor/Publisher Charles Richie Jr. interviews Cody about his school, his teaching methodologies, finding a credible instructor, and more. Note: The May/June issue with Cody on the cover was Backwoodsman’s all time best-selling issue in its 30 year plus history.

TV with Thinus, South Africa, 2011.
TV critic Thinus Ferreira interviews Cody about filming Dual Survival in South Africa and Botswana.

Men's Journal, August 2011.
Feature writer Josh Eells interviews Cody for a story in the Bahamas as he films for Shark Week.

Delight, August 2011. Writer Janet Stilson interviews Cody about his role in the production of Discovery Channels Shark Week special, “How Sharks Hunt”.

Gear, May 2011. “Anyone who recently watched German Men’s Channel DMAX knows Cody Lundin.” Writer Oliver Lang interviews Cody about teaching survival skills, Dual Survival, his knife, his jewelry, and more.

Popular Science, January 2011. PS Staff writer interviews Cody about the physics and psychology of walking barefoot in country and city for the magazines FAQ section.

Men’s Fitness, September 2010. “The co-host of TV’s hottest new adventure show helps you defuse four life-threatening scenarios.” Writer Dean Stattman interviews Cody for the “Survive This!” section of the magazine.

Army Times, 2010. Writer John R. Anderson interviews Cody about desert survival and what to pack in a vehicle.
National Geographic Adventure

National Geographic Adventure magazine, August/September 2009. “Take some extreme water conservation tips from Cody Lundin, owner of the Aboriginal Living Skills School and resident of an off-grid, passive solar home in the high Arizona desert.” Writer Damon Tabor interviews Cody for two of eight survival scenarios, (The Grid Crashes and The West Runs Dry)  for the magazines special survival edition cover story, “8 Black Swans."

Atlantic magazine

The Atlantic magazine, May 2009. “…in the event that the economy crumbles, and civilization with it, I would appoint Cody Lundin my financial adviser. He is my favorite survivalist, the author of a book on getting by in the wilderness and another on urban preparedness and a teacher of primitive-living skills.” Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic national correspondent, travels to Prescott to interview Cody for his cover story article, “Why I Fired My Broker.”

az Highways Arizona Highways magazine, November 2008. Writer Kelly Kramer uses Cody as a survival resource for her “Man vs. Wild” feature story.
Sedona Monthly magazine, May 2008. “Since 1991, the year he launched the Aboriginal Living Skills School, Cody’s been teaching students about wilderness survival, primitive living, and especially of late, urban preparedness. With the recent sky-high gas prices and global warming threats, he has seen more and more students interested in urban preparedness and self-reliance.” Writer Erika Ayn Finch features Cody and his school in the “Around the Town” section of the magazine.
Superconsciousness magazine mar/apr 2008

SuperConsciousness magazine, March/April 2008. “Survival expert Cody Lundin discusses what to store and how to store it. More importantly, Lundin emphasizes the critical need to take personal responsibility in an emergency, whether it’s long-term or short-term.” Cody writes the feature article (urban survival and food storage) for the preparedness edition of SuperConsciousness magazine.

SuperConsciousness magazine, March/April 2008. “If there’s such a thing as a typical survival skills instructor, Cody Lundin is not it....When All Hell Breaks Loose is aimed at empowering an urban and suburban audience to deal with survival situations BEFORE they happen.” SuperConsciousness magazine editors review When All Hell Breaks Loose.

Backpacker magazine, March 2008. Cody is interviewed about “honey,” his favorite Mora knife for the gear guide issue of the magazine.

Backpacker magazine, October 2006. Cody is chosen as one of four wilderness survival experts to design a desert survival “how-to” skills page for the magazines special survival edition. (click on cover to see article)

Backpacker magazine, October 2003. “Bring these traits to the woods, says Cody Lundin, primitive skills instructor and author of 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive! and your chances for returning improve.” Writer Gina DeMillo features Cody’s book for side bar information for an “Are you a survivor?” article.

Backpacker magazine, September 1999. “Considering the hundreds of dollars I spend each year on ‘just in case’ insurance policies, the quality wilderness survival training I got from Lundin was a bargain.” Annette McGivney, Southwest Editor. Cody is the third person in history to appear on the cover of Backpacker. The ten-page cover story features his skills and philosophies of survival as well as his wilderness survival kit.

Wilderness Way magazine

Wilderness Way magazine, January 2008. “When All Hell Breaks Loose breaks survival preparedness down into a common sense approach, although Cody’s style is still ‘in your face.’” Wilderness Way reviews Cody’s new book on urban survival in the “Dirttime Report.”

Wilderness Way magazine, winter, 2006. “The primitive skills courses that I have taken over the years were always taught in a comfortable envionment...To put my skills to the test, I enrolled in the Ultimate Abo course, offered by Cody Lundin...” Writer Matt Kull tells of his experience in the high desert back country while learning to live off the land.

Wilderness Way magazine, summer, 2004. “Utilizing his extensive experience in the field, Cody established the Aboriginal Living Skills School in 1991 and is one of the leading instructors and practitioners of the primitive lifestyle. In my own extensive outdoor/how-to/survival library, 98.6 is unique. Beyond the printed word, this is a very visual book that engages the reader’s attention.” Excerpts from field editor Dude McLean’s one-page book review of 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

BackHome magazine, September/October 2007. “ When All Hell Breaks Loose--all 450 pages of it--is aimed toward educating and preparing you and your family for change and the unknown.” Backhome reviews Cody’s latest book on urban and suburban survival.

BackHome magazine, March/April 1998. “I highly recommend an excursion like this, especially for the whole family. It will give you something to ponder and talk about for a long time.” Back Home writer accompanies Cody on a multi day primitive living skills adventure.

National Geographic Adventure magazine, April, 2006. Robert Young Pelton, author of The Worlds Most Dangerous Places and National Geographic magazine columnist for "Pelton’s World," picks Cody’s Ultimate Abo course as the class to take for real-life experience in living-off-the-land.


Off-Road magazine, February 2006. “Despite Cody’s ability to thrive off the land in tranquil solitude-whiling away the time fishing by hand, grubbing, or brain tanning-he has also spent a good deal of time training hosts or personally hosting the most significant outdoor survival media presentations of the last decade.” Off Road writer Moses Ludel talks about his and Cody’s 4x4 Survival workshop held in the high desert mountains of Nevada.
Popular Mechanics magazine, October, 2008. The editors at Popular Mechanics use Cody as the survival expert for extreme cold and hot weather survival, as well as proofing other survival skills copy for the “100 Skills Every Man Should Know” feature article.
Popular Mechanics magazine, August, 2005. Writer Jim Gorman interviews Cody and three other survival instructors for the article “Would You Survive?” in which survival gear and case scenarios of actual emergency situations are explained.
Stuff magazine, May, 2005. “Cody Lundin, the only man in the state of Arizona licensed to catch fish with his bare hands, gives you the low down on keeping your heart pumping.” Writer Shanti Sosienski asks Cody’s advice for “The Stuff Test” section featuring a variety of urban and wilderness survival gear.

Prescott Living magazine, summer, 2005. “Cody’s bare feet, like many indigenous natives, take him into some pretty wild country, where he teaches his aboriginal living skills to all ages of folks interested in becoming more self-sufficient.” Writer Dave Ganci follows Cody on a tour of wild edible plants and the pros and cons of going barefoot in the southwest.

Northern Arizona Zene, June/July 2004. “Aboriginal Living Skills School founder and author Cody Lundin was a real-life ‘survivor’ before reality TV ever hit the air. Now, thanks to nationwide media coverage, he’s a local celebrity. But there’s more to the man and his mission than you’re likely to hear in a ten-second sound-byte.” Assistant editor Susan DeFreitas interviews Codyfor a coverstory article about his school, the media, and his views on nature as teacher.

TV Guide, March 2004. “Survivalist Cody Lundin teaches novices how to make it out alive when they’re stranded with minimal supplies in two different wilderness settings.” TV Guide writer Rick Toy promotes the Discovery Channel’s "Lost in the Wild" shows for a TV Guide Special article.

Hooked on the Outdoors, April 2004. “98.6 has 16 chapters detailing everything from survival psychology to survival kit components.” The smartest dog in the world, Angus, turns a questioning reader onto the virtues of Cody’s new book in his “Ask Angus” advice column.
Advanced Rescue Technology magazine, January 2004. “98.6 is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth survival guide that is filled with practical advice, and at the same time, gores many a sacred-survival manual cow in the process.” Veteran EMS writer Norm Rooker reviews Cody’s book.
Hustler magazine, January 2004. “This is the kind of book you never think you’ll need, until it’s too late. Read it now!” Cody’s book is reviewed in Hustler magazines “Bits and Pieces” section.
Powder magazine, November 2003. “Discounting all the trendy ‘how to wrestle alligator’ books, Lundin uses humor, logic, and repetition to teach readers survival basics.” Powder magazine “Down Time” columnist Jamey Voss reviews Cody’s new book 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!
Unlimited magazine, Fall 2003. “Cody is a survivor, baby. Always has been.” Editor-in-chief Kevin Haynes interviews Cody about his new book, his school and his lifestyle in general.
Field and Stream magazine, August 2003. “Excellent advice...the obvious product of a man who has gone and done it...well worth reading.” F & S editor reviews Cody’s new book, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!
COLORS magazine, April 2002. “The Aboriginal Living Skills School is certainly ambitious!...” Published in 8 languages around the world, COLORS editor Richard Mason touts ALSS in its “Tours Around the World” issue.
Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine, April 2001. “The Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona offers wilderness survival courses specifically for corporate groups.” Writer Chris Santella adds side bar promoting ALSS corporate training adventures.
Playboy magazine, February 2001. ALSS is one of four schools nation wide interviewed by writer Steve Pond for a feature article regarding the CBS series Survivor.
FHM-For Him magazine, October 2000. (European edition, United Kingdom) “The Aboriginal Living Skills School takes you back to the days when you didn’t have to work out how to use the video." ALSS is featured in an article as one of 100 international adventures.
Colorado Springs Fit Magazine, August 2000. “Cody Lundin of the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, Arizona, is one of the foremost authorities on primitive and modern survival skills.” Reporter Robert S. White interviews Cody on the priorities of staying alive and thermoregulation.

American Way
magazine, (American Airlines magazine) June 2000. “Cody Lundin, who runs the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, Arizona, teaches simple survival skills which could be key even if your just overnight camping or on a rock climbing adventure.” Writer Ashley Jude Collie talks with Cody about survival necessities and the components he packs in his wilderness survival kit.
Maxim magazine, May 2000. “The Aboriginal Living Skills School will arm you for going off the grid.” ALSS is featured in a story on adventure camps for grown ups with others such as bow hunting with Ted Nugent and playing basketball with Michael Jordan.
My Business Magazine, April 2000. Writer Kathy Landis interviews Cody on the importance of doing what you love and how he started his business with less than 50 dollars.

American Survival Guide magazine, June 1999. “Lundin teaches students how to improvise all their needs for survival.” Outdoor writer John Alba interviews Cody about his school, his views on wilderness survival training and the difference between modern survival skills and living off the land.

American Survival Guide magazine, January 1996. “All ALSS courses enhance one’s staying power in the wilderness.” ASG writer interviews students on an ALSS field course and talks to Cody about survival skills in general.

Esquire magazine, April 1998. "Like Tony Manero, Lundin’s bottom line is stayin’ alive." ALSS is listed among six other schools nationwide as the place to go for Southwestern survival skills training.
ICON magazine, April 1998. “Cody’s students make fire using handmade friction tools, catch fish with their hands, and make water carriers, cord, glue, shelter, tools, and bug repellent with materials found on-site.” Cody is interviewed about his lifestyle and why he chose to teach self-reliance skills.
Summit magazine, Winter 1996. “ALSS students learn to become independent in the wilds with gear they’ve made from the most basic materials.” Story on ALSS field courses with interviews from students.
Edging West magazine, November/December 1995. “ALSS curriculum reflects the attitudes of cultures that pre-date television, poly-pro and water filters.” Writer Katherine Minott interviews Cody and some of his students on an ALSS field course.
Mountain Living magazine, Fall 1995. “This program is no ordinary wilderness experience!” Story on ALSS touts the school as an adventure alternative to the traditional vacation.