... You delivered far beyond what I could have possibly expected. I will now use this new knowledge not in Wilderness living, but in my every day life. I am continuing to downsize my personal life now that I have more knowledge of what is truly necessary."

Will Harrison, Now Experienced Wilderness Survivalist, San Francisco, CA

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"Bugging Cody"
By Cody Lundin

First of all know this … I love you guys and gals! I’m completely aware of the fact that I am able to live my dream (and pay the bills) because of you. I do appreciate your interest and patronage over the years and I love the feedback I get from folks regarding their experiences with my courses and books. ALSS related questions will always be answered as soon as possible.

In the past, I routinely answered a question or two from individuals about this or that via email. I didn't mind doing this and it was a pleasure to be able to provide the service. That was before I started getting thousands of emails due to a television show. Please know that while I make every attempt to read the emails I get, I can no longer guarantee a personal response.

I am extremely busy writing , teaching, doing production work, and working on my homestead to answer long laundry lists of survival questions, or be picked apart by weekly queries from the same individual. If your quest for survival knowledge goes beyond a question or two, I do offer courses. Please respect my time and privacy and realize that many other people are asking me questions as well.

Thank you for your consideration and keep on training!